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Create 3D buttons for the execution of AutoIt scripts
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AutoItLauncher lets you create 3D buttons to execute AutoIt scripts. The program works with the AutoIt scripting language allowing you build icons that are capable of triggering a variety of actions in Windows with a single click. AutoItLauncher is designed for any user who wants to automate daily, repetitive tasks by means of a central launcher that provides access to all their favorite commands.

Buttons created with AutoItLauncher can be placed on the desktop, organized into custom clipboards, pop-up menus, and innovative 3D launchers with animations and sound. This version also includes a Gaming Shoot Loop, which can be edited and customized as you like.

Although the program may seem a bit overwhelming for less experienced users, its concept is pretty simple and the process of creating 3D executable buttons should not be complicated. It basically comes down to three steps: selecting a button, writing the code in the Command Editor, and restarting the program to execute the script. The Design Modus window is where the actual creation of 3D buttons occur. There, you can select from a variety of button shapes and styles, set the buttons size, adjust the launcher transparency level. It's also helpful that the program includes sample clipboards and button examples, which users with less experience can play and experiment with.

AutoItLauncher requires the AutoIt language in order to run. It works with AutoIt scripts, but it also supports additional scripting languages, like msdos .bat.

The free version of AutoItLauncher can be used at no cost from Monday to Friday.

Mariel Rearte
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  • 3D launcher with animations and sound
  • Provides easy access to user's favorite scripts
  • Includes examples and sample buttons
  • Relatively easy to use


  • Icons and buttons look a bit outdated
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